Payoff from the World Trade Agenda 2013

    Prepared by the ICC commission on : Commission on Trade and Investment Policy
    Publication date : 18/04/2013
    Contrary to many observers, we do not abandon the Doha Development Round as a lost cause. Instead, this report takes a fresh look, and assesses the potential payoffs from seven agreements that could be concluded in 2013 and ratified in 2014.

    We variously use three metrics to quantify potential payoffs for the world: export gains, jobs supported, and GDP gains (or losses averted). The concept of “jobs supported” through larger exports of goods and services is not equivalent to “jobs added,” since two-way trade expansion generally affects the composition of a nation’s employment rather than its absolute level, shifting the labor force from less to more productive sectors of the economy. That said, increased trade means more jobs in the export sector and export jobs are generally better paid than jobs in other sectors of the economy.

    Prepared by the Peterson Institute for International Economics

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