Doha, 23 April 2013

The formation of the ICC G20 CEO Business Advisory Council was announced during the Doha G20 Business policy meting at the ICC World Chambers Federation (WCF) World Chambers Congress on 23 April 2013 in Doha, Qatar.

The event is part of a series of meetings the ICC G20 CEO Advisory Group has held since June 2011. Global consultations give local businesses the opportunity to be heard and to channel their priorities into the G20 process.


World Chamber Congress G20 Meeting, Doha

The G20 session at the World Chambers Congress was well attended and generated a lot of questions and discussions from the floor. Following an initial presentation from Jeffrey Hardy, Director, ICC G20 CEO Advisory Group, each of the panelists gave a brief presentation and all agreed on the launching of the G20 Business Advisory Council to incorporate the global network of ICC into the G20 processess and input. The Council will comprise of ICC's network of national committees, the ICC G20 CEO Advisory Group, ICC World Chambers Federation and Junior Chambers International.


The sessions was moderated by Jeffrey Hardy, Director, ICC G20 CEO Advisory Group. The panel consisted of Gerard Worms, ICC Chairman, Lorenzo Ysasi, Special Representative to the ICC G20 CEO Advisory Group, World Chambers Federation (WCF) and Director General, COMCE Mexican business organization, Bertolt Daems, 2012 President, Junior Chamber International, Peter Anderson, Chief Executive, Australian Chamber of Commerce and Industry, and Georgy Petrov, Vice President, Chamber of Commerce & Industry of the Russian Federation.


Doha ICC G20 business consultation 2013

The meeting's outcomes include the following:

  • Official announcement for the creation of the ICC G20 Business Advisory Council, which will greatly increase chambers' involvement in the G20 input and processess
  • Pledge to increase youth involvement within the G20 processes through the Junior Chambers International
  • Agreement to increase engagement of the implementation of items in the G20 communique

Selected quotes

"ICC, along with its national committees and World Chambers Federation, constitutes an unparalleled international network of companies, from multinational corporations to small- and medium-sized companies. These businesses are the everyday practicioners of the global economy, and consequently, have a clear stake in the success of the G20."

Gerard Worms, ICC Chairman

"ICC is the world's largest business organization and the only one present in an extensive network of countries. This collaboration is needed to tap a broader base of companies worldwide."

Lorenzo Ysasi, Vice Chairman, World Chambers Federation

Press release

G20 Advisory Council launch

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Presentation by ICC G20 CEO Advisory Group at WCF World Chambers Congress