Melbourne, 14 August 2012

As part of its expanding outreach programme to bring the voices of global business to G20 leaders, ICC held a G20 Business Roundtable bringing together senior business leaders and the Australian government to discuss the G20 process, with a focus on Australia’s role as G20 2014 host.

Hosted by ANZ and co-organized with the Australian Chamber of Commerce and Industry.


The agenda of ACCI/ICCA G20 Roundtable aimed to determine Australian business interests for input to the ICC G20 CEO Advisory Group's recommendations for the G20 business summit in Russia. Carlos Busquets, ICC Deputy Director of Policy and Business Practices represented the ICC and its G20 CEO Advisory Group by outlining its ongoing role in the G20 process from Summits to the G20 Scorecard.

An overview of the Australian government's policy positions was presented by Dr Gordon de Brouwer, Associate Secretary of Domestic Policy of the Australian Government. Peter Anderson, Chief Executive represented the leadership of the Australian Chamber of Commerce and Industry at the meeting and led an open discussion of policy issues of importance to Australian business. The roundtable identified early business priorities for the Australian G20 process including: trade and investment, employment, innovation, energy and engaging small- and medium-sized enterprises via global supply chains.


Outcomes of the ICC G20 global consultation focused on the impact of views held by Australian business leaders for the 2013 G20 Summit in Russia.

The ICC G20 CEO Advisory Group will:

  • Build on the work of the G20 business summit process from Seoul to Los Cabos, including the group's return to Australia in 2013 to host a series of events for companies of all sizes to provide meaningful input to the G20 process
  • Continue an ongoing global effort to engage the business community

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