G8 and G20 Summitry: Past, Present, Future, 8 January 2014

The ICC G20 CEO Advisory Group joined professionals in Toronto for the G8 and G20 Summitry: Past, Present, Future on 8 January in Toronto, Canada.

Hosted by the G8 Research Group, the event probed the shifting nature of the global governing bodies along a progressive timeline and explored implications for changes in processes.


Jeff Hardy at G8 and G20 meeting in Toronoto

Conference speakers traced the impact of two of today's most important global economic bodies, the G8 and the G20, focusing on past performance, relevancy, and future summits plans.

Jeffrey Hardy, ICC G20 CEO Advisory Group Director, spoke at the conference about G20 Leaders' responsiveness to business recommendations as measured by the ICC G20 Business Scorecard. ICC measures G20 outcomes, believing better information on how G20 actions are interpreted by the business community will help it set priorities, honour commitments, measure its own progress over time and identify deficiencies that deserve greater attention. Mr Hardy emphasized that since the Scorecard was first published in 2012, G20 Leaders' responsiveness to business recommendations has improved, but there remains more to be done in many key policy areas.

Several accomplished speakers added to the G8/G20 conversation. In addition to their input, the event featured the presentation of the University of Toronoto's Catherwood Scholarships, which rewards outstanding students in the field of International Relations and contributes to the advancement of G8 and global governance education.


The ICC G20 CEO Advisory Group partnered the event with host G8 Research Group. Co-sponsors included the Robert H. Catherwood Scholarship Program at Trinity College and the Munk School of Global Affairs at the University of Toronto. Other partners included the Higher School of Economics International Organisations Research Institute (Moscow); Balsillie School of International Affairs; Canadian International Council; Canadian Council of Churches; and Ridd Institute for Religion and Global Policy, Seeley Hall, Trinity College, University of Toronto.

Mr Hardy was joined by distinguished speakers: Caroline Bracht, G20 Research Group; Andrew F. Cooper, Balsillie School of International Affairs; Howard Drake, British High Commissioner to Canada; Joy Fitzgibbon, G8 Research Group; Louise Hand, Australian High Commissioner to Canada; Hon Thomas Hockin, Canadian Executive Director, International Monetary Fund; Warren Jestin, Chief Economist, Scotiabank; John Kirton, Director, G8 Research Group and Co-Director G20 Research Group; Enko Koceku, G8 Research Group; Ella Kokotsis, G20 Research Group; Julia Kulik, G8 Research Group; Georgiy Mamedov, Russian Ambassador, Canada; Bessma Momani, Balsillie School of International Affairs; John Ravenhill, Balsillie School of International Affairs; Ali Riza Güney, Turkish Consul General; Andrey Shelepov, National Research University Higher School of Economics; Antonia Tsapralis, G20 Research Group; and Hon Michael Wilson, Former Minister of Finance.

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