ICC G20 CEO Advisory Group deputies meeting, 5 May 2014

The ICC G20 CEO Advisory Group met with Australia's B20 "Sherpa" on 5 May 2014 in Paris, France.

The meeting was held ahead of the B20 task force meetings at the OECD's headquarters on 5-7 May and provided ICC G20 CEO Advisory Group deputies with an update on the 2014 Australian B20 cycle.


Speaking to the representatives of business leaders from major corporations at ICC's global headquarters, Robert Milliner, Australia's B20 "Sherpa" said that ICC's B20 role was important to building a continuity framework, as presidency changes from year to year, and expressed appreciation for the experience ICC brings to the process. Mr Milliner went on to outline B20 progress to date and gave an overview of plans for the G20 Summit, set to take place in Sydney in July ahead of the G20 Leaders' Summit later in the year.


Meeting participants included Mr Milliner, ICC Secretary General Jean-Guy Carrier and ICC G20 CEO Advisory Group representatives from Dow Chemical, Eskihisar Group, GDF Suez, McGraw Hill Financial, National Petrochemical Industrial Co, Repsol, Royal Dutch Shell, RSPP and Telefonica.


The Group developed their on-going work plan aimed at emphasizing business priorities with G20 Leaders. The meeting agenda also included a strategy discussion on ICC's most recent consultations with business and government representatives in Washington and Turkey, the development of new reports, and a look ahead to the Turkish phase of the G20 cycle in 2015.

Selected quotes

"We reaffirm our commitment to press for the inclusion of business views in deliberations by G20 leaders at the 2014 Australia Summit and demonstrate to governments that business is engaged in the G20 agenda at the highest level."

Jeffrey Hardy, Director, ICC G20 CEO Advisory Group

Press release

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