B20 Launch meeting in Istanbul

ICC joined over 500 Turkish and international business leaders, key international business groups and government officials in Istanbul on 15 December 2014 to officially launch preparations for the 2015 G20 Business (B20) Summit scheduled to take place in Antalya, Turkey on 14-15 November 2015.

Opening Plenary – Turkish business and government leaders share the stage

Opening Plenary -  B20 Chair Rifat Hisarciklioglu and Deputy Prime Minister of Turkey Ali Babacan (Right)

In his opening remarks, B20 Chair Rifat Hisarciklioglu emphasized the importance of continuity in the B20 process and explained that the finish point achieved in Australia just one month ago would serve as the starting point for B20 operations going forward. Mr Hisarciklioglu explained that Turkey would carry forward the work of the four core B20 task forces on Trade, Infrastructure & Investment, Human Capital and Financing for Growth - by exploring areas for improvement and then concentrating on implementation. Turkey will re-elevate Anti-Corruption work to full task force level and take on one new task force focusing on SME-related issues.

Deputy Prime Minister of Turkey Ali Babacan addressed the B20 plenary and outlined Turkey's priorities for the G20 formulated as the three I's of the Turkish Presidency: Inclusiveness, Implementation, and Investment for Growth. Mr Babacan clearly valued the role that the business community plays in the G20 process and said, "The ideas you [B20] develop are valuable to us [G20] and economic growth can only be achieved by private sector investment. No matter what decisions we take, if you don't have the confidence to undertake investment we are not going to meet our growth objective. This is why the B20 is so important."


Deputy Prime Minister of Turkey Mr H. E. Ali Babacan

On the topic of inclusivity, Mr Babacan informed the B20 that the Turkish presidency is putting a particular focus on creating enabling and supportive environments for small- and medium-sized enterprises (SMEs). He emphasized the role of SMEs to economic growth and job creation, and noted that his G20 colleagues shared the view that the voice of SMEs must be taken into consideration in the process and integrated into the work of the G20. Underscoring the essential role the B20 can play in integrating SMEs into the G20 process, Mr Babacan announced a partnership between ICC and TOBB to launch the Global SME Forum during 2015. He noted that ICC, as the world's largest, most representative business organization, can play a critical role in helping to better serve the SME community. ICC Chairman Terry McGraw warmly accepted Mr Babacan's proposal and said that ICC welcomes the opportunity to partner with Turkey to ensure that the SME initiative is a success this year and becomes an anchor of the B20's work for years to come.

What does business expect from the B20?

Turkey B20 Launch: Janamitra Devan, Terry McGraw and Peder Nielsen

This plenary session was moderated by Janamitra Devan, senior advisor to B20 Turkey, and and featured forward looking view points from ICC's Terry McGraw, Novozymes CEO Peder Nielsen, IOE President Daniel Dunes de Rioja, Sabanci Holdings CEO Güler Sabancı, Dogus Holdings CEO Ferit Sahenk and RSPP President and Russia B20 Chair Alexander Shokhin. Mr McGraw emphasized that the B20 will need to press for further progress on trade. Mr Nielsen emphasized that B20 focus on growth must be on sustainable growth, that energy and environmental issues will continue to be a challenge for the G20, and that it is important that the B20 help leaders focus on energy efficiency and energy security. Mr Funes acknowledged that some progress had been made by the G20 governments with regard to job creation and human capital development, but his overall assessment was that the G20 had not yet become "an engine for the sweeping reforms necessary to make a significant impact on global unemployment rates," particularly for young people.

Towards better G20-B20 interaction

ICC Secretary General John Danilovich

ICC Secretary General John Danilovich moderated a strategic discussion on how business can better integrate with G20 government officials. He was joined by Hüsnü Özyegin, Fiba Holding Chairman, Murat Sönmez, WEF Managing Director, Sabine Zindera, Siemens Vice President, Melih Yurter, SMEs and Entrepreneurship TF Coordinating Chair, Bernhard Welschke, BIAC Secretary General and Eric Labaye, McKinsey Global Institute Chairman. To set the stage, Mr. Danilovich explained that we put so much work into developing recommendations so that we can gain traction on the G20 agenda. He highlighted the B20 Australia formalization of the "advocacy period" as an important step. To be effective going forward, Danilovich suggested the B20 strengthen the breadth and depth of the B20 voice of business, amplify our advocacy efforts and build continuity year-on-year. Mr Ozyegin spoke on the importance of monitoring the new financial regulations. Mr Sonmez stressed the value of public-private partnerships to address key issues such as infrastructure development. Ms Zindera explained the importance of building alliances against corruption in order to create fair conditions for the benefit of all market participants. Mr Welschke highlighted the unique role the OECD plays in serving the G20, both in research and monitoring activities.

Break out sessions

ICC at B20 Turkey Launch

The afternoon included a breakout session focused on the six business taskforces identified by B20 Turkey: Trade; Financing Growth; Infrastructure & Investments; Human Capital, Anti-Corruption; SME's & Entrepreneurship. The sessions were held in a unique "fair" setting, enabling participants to rotate from room to room, learn about each task force work plan and invite participation. The basic approach for each will be to: Assess implementation status for recommendations in every G20 country; Use ICC scorecard / University of Toronto report as a mechanism to evaluate traction to date; Determine priority un-implemented recommendations to push; Discuss the need to add new high priority topics; Identify barriers for implementation; Present high-priority non-implemented recommendations to government officials. Each task force with be co-chaired by a Turkish CEO and an International CEO, along with 3-4 coordinating CEOs. B20 Turkey will soon circulate registration opportunities to the business community to join task forces and to begin work early in the new year.

B20 – G20 Sherpa dinner

The B20 launch event was held alongside the first G20 Sherpa meeting under the Turkish G20 chairmanship and was followed by a B20 gala dinner with G20 Sherpas, which provided an opportunity for interaction between the two groups. The dinner included welcoming remarks by B20 Chair Rifat Hisarciklioglu on the importance of the G20 in today's volatile global environment and a keynote speech by Ms. Ayse Sinirlioglu, Turkey's G20 Sherpa. Ms. Sinirlioglu said implementation of past G20 commitments will be a priority for Turkey. She added that adhering to country growth strategies will be important; she mentioned that SME issues will be taken into consideration in all working elements and was glad that B20 had created an SME task force. She highlighted the value of ensuring an effective dialogue with the B20 and hoped that business will be more interested in investing in infrastructure in the future.

B20 Turkey Launch: ICC Chairman Terry McGraw

ICC Chairman Terry McGraw was invited to share remarks on behalf of the international business community gathered at the dinner. McGraw commended G20 Sherpas for their prodigious work during the Australian cycle, expressed gratification for the growing traction on business priorities, including trade and investment, and re-iterated the commitment of business to work toward making G20 Antalya the best yet.

4th edition ICC G20 Business Scorecard – Preliminary results

Turkey - ICC Secretary General John Danilovich with Turkish Deputy Prime Minister H E Ali Babacan

Precipitated by the launch of the Turkish B20 process and the associated G20 Sherpa meeting on 15 December 2014 in Istanbul, ICC prepared a preliminary draft of the 4th edition ICC G20 Business Scorecard. The report and its preliminary findings were presented to G20 Sherpas at the B20 - G20 Sherpa dinner as a background document to aid the initial deliberations of the B20 task forces and the G20 Sherpas. ICC is pleased to announce that IOE and BIAC will once again prepare the evaluation of the B20 Human Capital recommendations for the 4th edition Scorecard. With only four weeks passed since the Brisbane Summit, ICC will continue to develop the report and undertake a full analysis in the weeks to come before launching the complete 4th edition of the ICC G20 Business Scorecard in spring 2015.

Deputies meeting

On 16 December ICC G20 CEO Advisory Group deputies met in Istanbul to outline a strategy for ICC's contributions to the 2015 B20 process. The meeting was presided by ICC Secretary General Danilovich and ICC Chairman Terry McGraw, who briefed members on outcomes from the 2014 Brisbane Summit and discussed expectations for Turkey. Sarp Kalkan, B20 Turkey Sherpa, joined the meeting and spoke on B20 Turkey's plans for 2015, including task force structure and key meeting dates. ICC G20 CEO Advisory Group members commended Mr Kalkan for organizing a successful B20 Launch and pledged to support B20 Turkey in achieving successful B20 outcomes in 2015. The ICC CEO group deputies also outlined the ICC priorities for policy work on trade, investment, anti-corruption, finance and energy. The committee also approved new work projects to undertake a deeper assessment of the GDP and job dividends associated with the business recommendations, evaluate the G20 country growth strategies and publish the 4th edition of the ICC G20 Business Scorecard.

ICC dinner

Turkey - B20 Launch: ICC Dinner

On the eve of the B20 Launch, ICC Secretary General John Danilovich hosted a dinner for the many ICC 'family' members gathered in Istanbul, including members of the ICC Executive Board and Secretary Generals of ICC National Committees, including: ICC Chairman Terry McGraw; Sheikh Khalifa bin Jassim Al Thani, Chairman of ICC Qatar, Mr. Remy Rowhani, ICC Qatar Chief Executive Officer, Xie Zhiqiang, Deputy Director, CCPIT/ICC China, Joanne Guo, Assistant Executive Director, Singapore Business Federation/ICC Singapore, Yeliz Geris, Secretary General, ICC Turkey, Ian Talbot, Chairman, ICC Ireland, and Yassin S. Al-Suroor, Chairman of ICC Saudi Arabia. The dinner meeting recapped ICC achievements from the G20 Brisbane Summit the future role of the B20 and ICC's ability to provide continuity from summit to summit.

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