Mexico hands over G20 business summit leadership to Russia

Following an active role as strategic partner to the Mexican B20 process, ICC participated in the transition ceremony passing G20 business leadership from Mexico to Russia.


B20 leadership passes from Mexico to Russia at the official hand-off ceremony

On 29 November 2012, Alejandro Ramirez, Chairman of the Mexican G20 Business Organizing Committee, convened the closing meeting for the Mexico G20 business cycle. The ceremonial meeting marked the culmination of a year's work on the Los Cabos G20 business policy agenda.

Ramirez was joined by Mexican Government representatives, several task force chairs, and the three B20 strategic partners: World Economic Forum, International Chamber of Commerce, and McKinsey & Company.

Ramirez officially passed the baton to Mr Oleg Preksin from the RSPP, who represented Mr Alexander Shokin, Chair of the Russia B20 2013. Mr Preksin reinforced his commitment to help the Russian Organizing Committee during the next year and explained that he planned a significant amout of continuity between the Mexican and the Russian processes. Preksin informed participants that the following task forces had been organized: Trade Facilitation, Investments and Infrastructure, Financial Stability, Job Creation and Investment in Human Capital, Transparency and Anti-corruption, and Global Priorities for Innovation and Development.

Work since Los Cabos

During the meeting Pablo Gonzalez, Co-Chair of the Advocacy and Impact Task Force, presented a summary of the B20 progress since the Los Cabos Summit, highlighting that:

  • The Trade and Investment task force had participated in the G20 Trade and Investment Promotion Summit in November.
  • The Anti-Corruption task force participated in the meeting of the OECD working group on bribery in October with the intention to advance instruments to fight corruption.
  • The Food Security task force had conducted extensive outreach to the consumer good forum, presented at the G20 Scientists Agriculture meeting, and disseminated commitments in the National Forum of Agricultural Development.

ICC's role

  • In respect to ICC contributions to the Los Cabos G20 Business Summit, Stefano Bertasi, ICC Executive Director for Policy, was invited to share views and provide closing remarks on the Mexico cycle.
  • Mr Bertasi explained that ICC has been encouraged by the progress that has been made, from Seoul to Cannes to Los Cabos. The Los Cabos G20 final communiqué, for example, took into account recommendations that had been delivered to the G20 by several business organizations, including ICC, on behalf of global business. In particular, he welcomed G20 leaders' reassertion of their shared belief in multilateralism and picked up on our trade and investment recommendations. The G20's agreement to negotiate on this issue is an indicator of progress and presents an opportunity to reinvigorate the global economy.
  • The Los Cabos business summit cycle, was the third consecutive year where ICC served as B20 strategic partner to the national host. In this capacity, ICC has been responsible for arranging the participation of global CEOs in the last three G20 Business Summits, served as the lead conveners of CEO policy groups, provided expertise to the policy working groups, built continuity across Summits and shared experience in session formats, fundraising and working with the media. These efforts have delivered a robust international business presence and facilitated the development of global business policy recommendations.

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