Policy consultations

The ICC G20 CEO Advisory Group hosts a series of global policy consultations designed to provide local businesses with an opportunity to help shape ICC’s policy recommendations for input into the G20 process.


Influence at the highest levels

Policy consultation participants are invited to share views and priorities on a set of policy papers that are being produced for transmission to G20 leaders. Topics for discussion typically include: trade, investment and development; strengthening financial regulation; fighting corruption; reforming the international monetary system; reducing commodity price volatility; encouraging green growth.

In addition, and given the recent challenges to the global economy, participants are also invited to contribute views on current conditions, with the aim to help frame business input to the G20 on how to stimulate jobs and growth in light of the ongoing economic crisis.

Engagement at the highest levels

Consultations are co-hosted with ICC national committees and feature participation from the national G20 sherpa, relevent ministries and local businesses. The process ensures that ICC can deliver balanced and substantive policy recommendations to G20 leaders.




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