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The G20 has been designated as the “premier forum” for international economic cooperation. This business guide to the G20 will help business leaders and policymakers to better understand the G20 process and identify the impact that G20 policy developments will have on global business.


This short and easy-to-read handbook explains in detail what the G20 is, what it does, and how it functions. It analyzes the outcome of G20 initiatives – from each of their successive summit meetings – and the key challenges that the Group will need to address effectively to prove its worth as the world’s top economic forum for intergovernmental cooperation.

Anyone with a professional or personal interest in the future of the world economy and the evolving policy framework for today’s globalized markets will find in these pages a wealth of analysis and information put together by one of ICC’s leading experts on the subject.

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ICC publishes business guide to the G20 process

Business around the world has an increasingly influential role to provide input to G20 decisions regarding economic growth, job creation and open trade and investment. But what is the G20 and what... Read more