ICC global survey

ICC Global Business Survey

The ICC Global Survey of Business Policy Priorities for G20 Leaders is an initiative of the ICC G20 CEO Advisory Group to ensure that the voice of business--regardless of size, geographical region or sector--is heard and considered by policymakers at the highest level.


Incorporating the voice of world business into the G20 process

The ICC Global Survey of Business Policy Priorities for G20 Leaders gauges global business' perception of the G20, explores opportunities for providing business input into the G20 process, and identifies business policy priorities that encourage business expansion and job creation, both of which are crucial to achieving the G20's goal of strong and sustainable growth.

The Survey draws upon ICC's unique and extensive international network of professionals from business associations, large corporations and small-and medium-sized enterprises (SMEs) across a wide breadth of industries.

Survey findings

The survey reveals several important findings on business' views about the G20:

  • Global business considers that the G20 is a relevant body for addressing global economic issues.
  • The G20's work can improve the environment for doing business, and business wants a greater involvement in the G20 process.
  • Business believes that the G20 should be evaluated and held accountable for implementing business recommendations.
  • Among the policy priorities, multilateral trade and investment and infrastructure, are the the most important issues for business worldwide, small and large companies alike.
  • Business strongly believes that global trade can benefit from further multilateral liberalization, especially in the areas of services and information technology.
  • International investment can be increased by finalizing a multilateral framework for investment.
  • Energy sustainability and intellectual property (IP) protection are rising business priorities that should be promoted further in the G20 agenda.

Press release

ICC Global Business Survey

ICC releases Global Survey of Business Policy Priorities for G20 Leaders

An International Chamber of Commerce (ICC) global survey released today, indicates that multilateral trade, as well as investment and infrastructure are firmly placed at the top of business policy... Read more