Consultations and global meetings

ICC’s high-level regional consultations are designed to provide local businesses with the opportunity to shape World Trade Agenda recommendations.

Global consultations

Terry McGraw at the ICC WTA Summit

Input into the ICC World Trade Agenda business priorities is sought through an open and broad-based consultation process with business leaders and experts in ICC's global network.

With the business priorities, ICC hopes to set a forward-looking multilateral trade and investment policy agenda that will lead to growth and jobs for the global economy.

Through these consultations, which began on 27 September 2012 in Beijing at the World Business Leaders' Conference, the World Trade Agenda initiative hopes to define a broadly-shared agenda of business priorities for presentation to governments.


Consultations are co-hosted with organizations in the ICC network and feature participation from relevent ministeries, the national G20 sherpa and local business. The process ensures that the ICC can deliver balanced and substantive business recommendations.

ICC national committees are well placed to solicit support and input into ICC's World Trade Agenda recommendations given that they represent the small, medium and large enterprises that produce the goods and services traded daily throughout the world.

Recommendations from all the consultations that ICC has held globally – will be delivered to G20 leaders and WTO ministers ahead of the next G20 Summit and the 10th WTO Ministerial Conference in 2015.

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Bali WTO Ministerial

ICC at the 9th WTO Ministerial Conference in Bali

Opening, ICC World Trade Agenda Summit, 22 April 2013

Opening Day, ICC World Trade Agenda Summit

Business and the WTO

Debate: Business and the WTO