ITC Business Guide on WTO Trade Facilitation Agreement

This guide, published by the International Trade Centre, highlights areas that are relevant for business such as the impact on the global economy in terms of jobs and economic growth, making supply chains easier for developing countries to integrate into international trade.

The guide explains the provisions of the Agreement in clear and jargon free language, with a focus on what businesses need to know from an operational perspective if they are to use the new rules as a platform to increase trade and decrease the cost and time of exporting. The guide also provides the manner in which business can work in partnership with governments to best implement the obligations and specific commitments undertaken in the Trade Facilitation Agreement.

Aimed to help small and medium-sized enterprises

ITC business guide to trade facilitation

The guide will help SMEs and trade support institutions understand the commitments taken by their governments and assist them in the identification and prioritization of capacity building needs.

The last chapter of the guide describes how the Agreement will be implemented, including the special and differential treatment provisions that developing countries may invoke. Developing countries will be able to link the implementation of the commitments to technical assistance and support from donors. WTO Member States will have to explicitly apply for delays for each commitment, which will need to be approved by the WTO and the implementation schedule published.

Available in multiple languages

Please click here to download the PDF in English

The guide is also available in French, Spanish, Chinese, Arabic and Russian.


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