Full summary of Klaus Becher's presentation on behalf of ICC at the 29th Fordham Annual Conference on International Antitrust Law and Policy

          New York, 31 October 2002

          I am honored to be here on this panel. I would like to make clear that I am here not in my capacity as General Counsel of DaimlerChrysler Services, but as representative of the ICC. I am a member of ICC´s Competition Commission and the Chair of the ICC Task Force on the International Competition Network.

          Since the very beginning, the private sector including the ICC has expressed its support of the ICN. We fully understand that ICN is an organization driven by enforcement officials. However, involvement of the private sector in the work of ICN is - from my point of view - very important for the success of most of the concrete programs of ICN.

          More and more, business activities transcend - or should I say ignore - national boundaries. Multijurisdictional merger review becomes more and more the rule rather than the exception. The costs and burdens of multijurisdictional merger review are set out in a respective report of the ICN available on the ICN´s website.