ICC BASIS intervention on Specific Themes that have been proposed for IGF Rio topics

          by Ilkka Lakaniemi
          Thank you, Mr. Chairman; my name is Ilkka Lakaniemi representing the International Chamber of Commerce (ICC) and its initiative, Business Action to Support the Information Society (BASIS).

          Earlier the ICC/BASIS provided some general views regarding the 2007 IGF and our desire to have it contribute to creating an open, inclusive, people centric, development oriented Information Society.
          Now we would like to offer comments on the specific topics that were the subject of the initial IGF in Athens or that could be considered as “emerging topics” for the second IGF meeting. ICC/BASIS’ input on the specific topics is posted on the IGF and ICC websites and is available at the back of this room.
          As indicated earlier, business believes that the four main topics of security, openness, access, and diversity cover a broad range of Internet governance issues, and that building on the discussions that took place at the IGF in Athens will be important to make the second IGF productive with further exchange on these important issues. Looking in more detail at these four themes, ICC/BASIS offers the following input:

          The theme “Openness Openness” should in ” should include a discussion of the following sub clude a discussion of the following sub-themes:

          • The roles the Internet and ICTs play in promoting access to information and how governments, business, civil society, and other organizations can work together to maximize openness and the free flow of information on the Internet.
          • Build capacity and raise awareness about how existing intellectual property rights(IPR) regimes foster the free flow of information on the Internet, as well as consumer confidence and security.

          The theme “Security” should include a discussion of:

          • The work underway in multiple private and public sector bodies with substantial expertise in network security to improve practices in the area of security, with a special focus on work that is relevant to small and medium sized enterprises (SMEs) and emerging and developing economies
          • Practical approaches to raising awareness of existing best practices for network security issues that exist, across all stakeholder groups.
          • The roles of governments, business and other stakeholders in adopting authentication technologies to promote trust online.
          • Private and public sector organizations that are actively working on privacy issues and improving the state of play and aspects of their work that may be made relevant to emerging and developing economies and SMEs.

          The discussion under the theme “Diversity” should include:

          • The ability of the Internet and ICTs to enhance diversity with limitless capacity to transmit content.
          • The role that user-generated content (UGC) plays in advancing cultural diversity, and the exchange of best practices and experiences that promote UGC and its platforms, including profiling related work in other forums and organizations.
          • The promotion of cultural diversity through intellectual property protection.
          • The standards that facilitate the creation of new software applications and tools such as translation and technologies.
          • Government and business initiatives to stimulate development of local content production and providers of online services for their local market including, for example, establishing seed funding, training, incubator services and the exchange of best practices and experiences.
          • Efforts underway to introduce internationalized domain names (IDNs), and
          • Existing technologies that increase access to disabled communities, and thus increase the diversity of participants in the Internet and Internet governance issues.

          The theme “Access” should include a discussion of:

          • The legal, policy and regulatory conditions that enable investment and innovation, promote competition and foster entrepreneurship which are essential to establishing the right enabling environment to promote access to infrastructure and the benefits of the Internet.
          • Information and case studies regarding economies that have created successful enabling environments.
          • Concrete examples of local build out and case studies that promote the exchange of best practices and experiences regarding improving access for even more people.

          Emerging issues

          ICC/BASIS proposes a couple of emerging issues as candidates for discussion at the Rio IGF meeting.
          They are:

          • First, the need for all stakeholders to work together to ensure an environment that facilitates innovation and cross-border services deployment as more and more complex services are developed for the Internet. Many of which include software as a critical element, and
          • Second, new technology developments, such as the increasing mobility of Internet usage and applications, and the policy implications of these new technology developments.

          Cross-cutting theme: Human and institutional capacity bu --cutting theme: Human and institutional capacity buiilding

          ICC/BASIS believes that the cross-cutting theme of human and institutional capacity building should feature in all of the main meeting sessions, and urges a true integration of concrete capacity building elements in the agenda for the IGF in Rio. Therefore, key sub-themes that should be reflected in all the main meeting sessions are:

          • Creating multistakeholder, multi-generational and gender inclusive dialogue at the national and regional levels on Internet governance issues.
          • Creating capacities to access the e-skills value chain and
          • Policy development that allows new uses of the Internet in developing countries. For instance, duty free e-commerce and accredited e-learning could be profiled in the emerging issues session.

          Mr. Chairman, the second IGF should build upon the success of Athens. With this in mind, the ICC/BASIS has carefully considered candidate topics and has offered some proposals relative to discussion at the second IGF on the four Athens session topics. In addition, we have proposed two additional subjects for consideration as “emerging topics”. As topics are proposed for consideration, ICC/BASIS once again suggests that three questions outlined in our previous intervention should be answered positively before a candidate topic is added to the agenda for the November 2007 IGF.
          Thank you, Mr. Chairman.