International Standard Banking Practice - online training

          Paris, France, 12 September 2013

          6 hours of online training in the International Standard Banking Practice (ISBP) for the examination of documents under documentary credits.

          This course includes expert commentary on the ISBP, related UCP 600 articles, sample document extracts and ICC Opinions that help to provide context/reasoning on an ISBP provision.

          The course is divided into 5 modules:


          Transport documents

          • Multimodal or combined transport documents
          • Bill of lading transport document
          • Non-negotiable sea waybill transport document
          • Charter party bill of lading transport document
          • Air Transport document
          • Road, Rail or Inland Waterway transport documents

          Other documents

          • Drafts and calculation of maturity date
          • Invoices
          • Insurance documents and coverage
          • Certificate of Origin, Packing List, Weight List, Beneficiary's Certificate, Inspection (Analysis)

          3 practical case studies


          An advanced assessment covering key aspects of the ISBP.


          • Course material: written by Gary Collyer, Senior Technical Adviser to the ICC Banking Commission
          • One year access to the training.
          • ICC Certificate of Achievement sent to you upon completion.

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