Uniform Rules for Bank Payment Obligations - online training

          Paris, France, 20 November 2013

          Four hours of structured online training in all aspects of the URBPO. The course will start with the basic concepts and bring you through to a detailed analysis of the rules. The course will help you understand how the BPO Rules will operate in practice.

          The course includes detailed treatment of all sections of the URBPO Rules including

          • Background to the URBPO, what is a BPO and how does it work?
          • The parties to a BPO and the benefits of using a BPO?
          • The scope and application of the URBPO
          • The definitions and terminology associated with the URBPO
          • Detailed analysis of the URBPO messaging structures

          The training is divided into 2 modules.

          URBPO essentials:

          1. Lesson 1: Background to a BPO
          2. Lesson 2: Establishing a Baseline
          3. Lesson 3: Data Set Submission
          4. Lesson 4: Taking advantage of a BPO


          A series of randomly generated multiple choice questions testing trainees' understanding of the Uniform Rules for Bank Payment Obligations.


          • Course material: written by Gary Collyer, Senior Technical Adviser to the ICC Banking Commission, and Chair for the development of the rules in respect of the Bank Payment Obligations (URBPO).
          • One year access to the training.
          • ICC Certificate of Achievement sent to you upon completion.
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