Award and Award Scrutiny

Scrutiny is a distinctive feature of ICC arbitration. No arbitral award is issued until it has been approved by the Court.

Submission of the draft Award and scrutiny

After the closing of the proceedings, the Arbitral Tribunal will draw up a draft "Award" which is submitted to the Court for scrutiny. The Court will scrutinize all awards. In doing so, it may lay down modifications as to form and, without affecting the Arbitral Tribunal's liberty of decision, draw its attention to points of substance. In scrutinizing draft awards, the Court considers, to the extent practicable, the requirements of mandatory law at the place of arbitration.

Notification of the Award

Once approved by the Court, the "Award" is signed by the arbitrators. It is deemed to be made at the place of the arbitration on the date it indicates. It is then notified to the parties by the Secretariat.