Arbitration costs

Arbitration costs calculator : Prospective parties to an ICC arbitration can get an estimation of the advance on costs that may be fixed by the Court by using the arbitration costs calculator.

The costs of the arbitration include:

1. The fees and expenses of the arbitrators and the ICC administrative costs fixed by the Court in accordance with the scale found in Appendix III of the Rules.

For a US$1 000 000 claim examined by a sole arbitrator, for instance, the amounts determined by the Court will normally be:

  • administrative expenses: US$ 21 715
  • arbitrator's fees: between US$ 14 627 and US$ 64 130, average US$39 378
  • arbitrator's expenses (travel, accommodation, couriers, etc)

The arbitrator's fees and expenses should be multiplied by three when a panel of three arbitrators is appointed. Pursuant to Article 37 of the Rules, the fees of the arbitrator(s) fixed by the Court may be higher or lower than those resulting from the application of the scale, if this appears to be necessary in special circumstances;

2. where applicable, the fees and expenses incurred in respect of any expertise ordered by the Arbitral Tribunal, as fixed by the latter (Appendix III, Article 1(12) of the Rules);

3. the reasonable legal and other costs incurred by the parties for the arbitration.

The final Award fixes the costs of the arbitration case and decides which of the parties shall bear them or in what proportion they shall be borne by the parties (Article 37(4) of the Rules).