New brochure gives engaging glimpse into ICC dispute resolution

  • Paris, 26 June 2014

ICC has published a 12-page brochure offering a concise introduction to its dispute resolution services. The booklet presents the International Chamber of Commerce (ICC), its International Court of Arbitration and International Centre for ADR, and related ICC products and activities aimed at facilitating the resolution of international commercial disputes.


This engaging booklet, colourful and easy to read, distils the key features and advantages of ICC arbitration, mediation, expertise services and dispute boards. Readers will find a succinct diagram explaining the principal steps in the arbitration process, a page listing ten good reasons for choosing ICC dispute resolution, and an insight into how the different services may interact with each other.

The brochure is published in both print and electronic formats. Conceived above all as a primer, the booklet contains links to individual ICC webpages for more information on the topics it covers. These URLs are active hypertext links in the PDF version of the brochure.

Andrea Carlevaris, Secretary General of the ICC International Court of Arbitration and Director of ICC Dispute Resolution Services, described the brochure as an ideal starting point for anyone wishing to have an overview of ICC’s activity and resources in the field of dispute resolution. “The publication combines a dynamic design with simple language to inform and orientate readers who are contemplating using ICC’s dispute resolution services,” he said.

The brochure is available in English. It carries the ICC Publication No. 868-0 ENG

Translations are planned and will be announced in due course.

Click here to download a PDF of the new brochure in English.

To request printed copies, please contact:

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