How to become appointed as an ICC Mediator

Where the parties do not jointly nominate a mediator, the Centre makes a binding appointment on the parties’ behalf.

In order to find a candidate fitting the specific needs of the case and the requirements set by the parties — with regard to, inter alia, nationality, specialization, languages spoken, place of residence, timeframe for the procedure, cultural background, legal knowledge and overall intense training and experience in the settlement technique chosen — the Centre performs an individual search for each case. In performing this search, the Centre makes recourse to ICC National Committees around the world as well as to its own network of mediators. However, as is also the case in ICC Arbitration, ICC does not work with closed lists of mediator but puts a special emphasis on an individualized search for each case in order to ensure that the requirements of each case are fully met.

Accordingly, professional mediators with an internationally recognized mediation training as well as extensive experience in domestic and international commercial mediations, who wish to be considered for appointments by ICC, and should ensure that the ICC National Committee(s) of their nationality(ies) registers their interest to be considered for appointment.

The contact details of all ICC National Committees can be found here.

Further, they should send their updated curriculum vitae also directly to the Centre (

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