The Role of the International Centre for ADR

The ICC International Centre for ADR is a separate entity from the ICC International Court of Arbitration and its Secretariat.

While the Court deals with all ICC arbitration proceedings, the Centre handles all other ICC dispute resolution proceedings, including mediation, expertise, dispute board and DOCDEX proceedings. The separation between the Court and the Centre is intended to preserve the full confidentiality of mediation and arbitration proceedings whether they are concurrent or not and should the parties not wish an exchange of information.

The Centre is based at ICC’s headquarters in Paris. It consists of a team of international lawyers who are in charge of the case management. The Centre is also available to reply to queries from current or future users of any of the dispute resolution proceedings offered by the Centre and regularly organizes conferences, trainings and other events around the world.

In addition, the Centre is the organizer of the annual ICC Mediation Week which takes place every year in February in Paris, France. ICC’s Mediation Week encompasses ICC’s biggest educational event, the ICC International Commercial Mediation Competition and as of February 2014, the ICC International Mediation Round Table. The Centre is also in charge of organizing the annual ICC International Mediation Conference which focuses on topics relevant to in-house counsel and management representatives.

Case management

  • Facilitate the setting up of the proceeding by providing all parties with the relevant information and ensuring that procedural “hurdles” are overcome
  • Assist parties to designate or appoint Mediators
  • Oversee financial aspects, including the fixing of the Mediator’s Fees
  • Supervise proper conduct of the proceedings under the ICC Mediation Rules
  • Replace the Mediator if necessary
  • Answer the parties’ questions and provide assistance throughout the entire process

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