The different steps of the ICC Mediation procedure.

The procedure in ten steps:

1. Commencement with a Request for Mediation filed with the ICC International Centre for ADR

  • With a pre-existing agreement for ICC Mediation (Article 2),
  • Without a pre-existing agreement of the parties: one party is proposing mediation to the other (Article 3).

2. The Centre acknowledges receipt of Request once it has received the complete Request including the documents and the filing fee

3. The Centre invites the parties to provide further comments on any outstanding procedural questions (for example language(s) of the proceeding, place of the mediation meetings, timing of the mediation, attributes of the mediator, etc.)

4. Selection of the Mediator: Jointly nominated by the parties or appointed by ICC

5. Parties pay a provisional deposit to cover the costs of the proceedings until after the parties’ first meeting with the Mediator or beyond

6. The Centre transfers the file to the Mediator and invites her/him to contact the parties

7. First meeting between the Mediator and the parties (Article 7(2) of the Mediation Rules) to discuss the conduct of the Mediation

8. The Mediator communicates the notice pursuant to Article 7(2) of the Mediation Rules to the parties

9. The Mediation conducted by the Mediator, probably involving one or more physical meetings of the Mediator and the parties, possibly exchange of written documents and conference calls

10. The Settlement Agreement

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