Request for Referee

A party who requires the appointment of a Referee must send two copies of its Request and of any annexed documents to the Secretariat.

Such party must at the same time notify the other party or parties of the Request by the quickest method of delivery available, including telefax.

Each such Request must be accompanied by the amount of US$ 5,000.

Elements of the Request for Referee

The Request shall be in writing and shall contain in particular:

  • a) the names and addresses of the parties to the agreement together with a brief description of the legal relationships between the parties;
  • b) a copy of the agreement on which the Request is based;
  • c) the Order or Orders requested and an explanation of the grounds relied on so as to show that the Request falls within Article 2.1;
  • d) as the case may be, the name of the Referee chosen by agreement of the parties;
  • e) any information concerning the choice of the Referee required to be appointed, including, as appropriate, technical or professional qualifications, nationality and language requirements;
  • f) confirmation that the request has been sent to every other party, stating the means by which this has been done and enclosing proof of transmission, such as postal registration form, receipt from a private courier, or telefax receipt.

The Request for the appointment of a Referee should be submitted to

The Secretariat of the ICC International Court of Arbitration
33-43 avenue du Président Wilson
75116 Paris, France

Tel.: +33 1 49 53 28 78

Fax: +33 1 49 53 29 33

Payment details:

The payment must originate from the party to the case.

The payment details are available here.

ICC is bound to operate in conformity with applicable sanctions regulations (such as those imposed by the UN, EU and OFAC). If parties have reasonable doubt that a sanctions regime is applicable to their request, they must inform ICC in advance prior to submitting any such request and prior to paying the respective filing fee. In such case, please contact

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