Investigation Services

At the request of manufacturers, CIB investigators are often asked to trace fake products back from point of sale to place of manufacture.

Investigation Services2

Since its inception, CIB has undertaken over 600 investigations in more than 35 countries into counterfeit products ranging from wall coverings and furniture to alcoholic beverages and pharmaceuticals. Notably, CIB has:

Worked on behalf of a leading sunglass manufacturer in investigating the production and distribution of fake products and arranging for their seizure.

Investigated the illegal sale of French electrical components through unauthorized distributors in Hong Kong.

Monitored the sale of counterfeit sportswear in markets for a leading international sportswear manufacturer and worked closely with local law enforcement to effect seizures.

Investigated the sale of infringing wall covering designs in China and carried out raids and seizures on infringing manufacturers.

Investigated the illegal sale of counterfeit printed circuit boards containing well-known amusement games and coordinated raids on illicit manufacturers and distributors throughout the world.

Such successes have earned CIB official recognition and cooperation from many governments and international organizations. CIB investigators enjoy close professional links with senior officials in government and law enforcement agencies in many countries.

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