Financial Investigation Bureau (FIB) conducts its activities in tandem with the following:

  • Central Banks
  • Office of Foreign Assets Control (OFAC)
  • Financial Action Task Force (FATF)
  • European Union – 3rd Directive on Anti-money Laundering
  • National Financial Intelligence Units & Regulatory Authorities
  • National Law Enforcement Agencies
  • International Chamber of Commerce – Commission on Banking Technique & Practice

As part of the FIB business model in providing a comprehensive and timely service to its members, FIB confirms the following:

  • FIB Confidential Database is updated daily
  • Members can search for suspect individuals or companies or perform due diligence checks through the FIB Extranet search service
  • All enquiries sent to FIB are handled & processed individually by an investigator/analyst
  • Real-time FIB Alerts are sent to members on suspicious financial activity

Suspicious activity reports from around the world are sent to FIB on a daily basis. Information received by FIB is disseminated and developed into valuable intelligence for the benefit of all FIB members.

Unlike other private information organizations that re-cycle news stories, reprint court proceedings or offer stylized search engines, the FIB is dedicated to providing an individual, focused and direct response to requests made by its members. FIB is able to do this through a comprehensive process by employing a research and analytical methodology against each and every enquiry.

Members are encouraged to first use the online Extranet search service to conduct as many queries as they wish, but for a more comprehensive approach to an individual or company, members may choose to launch an enquiry with FIB. Furthermore, the member may wish to direct FIB to undertake a full investigation on a related matter.

Within the due diligence and compliance driven world of today, there is no other organization that offer the same services as the FIB.

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