Good intelligence is the key to fraud prevention.


The FIB has a substantial database on the modus operandi and parties involved in suspicious financial transactions from around the world. This database is unique because the information is provided by FIB members worldwide.

The information on the FIB confidential database is updated on a daily basis and is invaluable for transaction analysis and the prevention of fraud, money laundering and counter terrorism financing checks.

FIB offers its members three main areas of specialized services:

FIB EXTRANET: The on-line Extranet search service is available for members in support of the due diligence process and the KYC (Know Your Customer) function. The Extranet provides members with an easy on-line search capability that allows on-line checks to be conducted against individuals and/or companies. The Extranet database holds hundreds of thousands of entities and related information on those entities going back over 25 years. The Extranet allows immediate and unrestricted access to our database. A member may perform as many queries as they wish through the on-line Extranet search service.

FIB Enquiry: An enquiry to FIB is defined as any single entity of either individual or organization. An enquiry is made by a member who requires additional research, analysis or background/current checks. Any basic follow-up questions with regards to an enquiry and responses received from FIB are considered part of the original enquiry.

FIB Investigations: FIB conducts world-wide investigations in support of our members. Members have the option to direct FIB to undertake a more comprehensive investigation against a person or organization. Each investigation is tailored to the member’s needs at an additional cost.


  • FIB updates its confidential database on a daily basis with the latest modus operandi regarding illegal financial activities occurring worldwide.
  • FIB Extranet on-line search service is immediate and unrestricted to members.
  • FIB Enquiries are dealt with individually by a trained investigator/research analyst.
  • FIB Enquiries are processed and returned to members within one business day.
  • FIB Investigations are conducted worldwide.

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