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ICC’s online reference tools DRL and DCPro help you save time and money by offering access to thousands of up-to-date documents stored online in a fully searchable library.

Anytime – Anywhere – Instantly – Fully searchable

Are you working on a complex arbitration case and need sources and examples quickly? Do you need to consult peers on a difficult L/C issue? The ICC online tools for L/C and arbitration professionals are your solution! We currently offer an online arbitration library and a documentary credit tool.

Upon subscription you receive an ID and a password providing one year access to either tool for one person. Multiple user subscriptions are possible. These tools are available from any internet connected computer, iPad, tablet or laptop.

DC-PRO - Online LC Library

Gain instant access to crucial documentary credit information.

DC-PRO provides senior LC professionals with all major ICC trade finance rules and standards, Banking Commission opinions, precedents, ICC surveys and much more; delivered in a structured and fully searchable manner.

ICC DRL - Online Dispute Resolution Library


ICC Dispute Resolution Library is a dynamic and searchable online service provided by the ICC International Court of Arbitration. It contains more than 1000 documents from its established publications on arbitration. The ICC DRL allows you to keep up to date with the most recent publications and at the same time provides a searchable database of ICC awards, articles, reports and more.

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