Step 1 Examples: Confirm CEO/Board committment to give priority to responsible business conduct

Below are illustrations of how chairmen and chief executives of various companies have expressed their commitment to treat responsible business conduct as a corporate priority:

Alcan (aluminium and specialty packaging, Canada)

Extract of the Message from Richard B. Evans, President and Chief Executive Officer, introducing the company’s 2006 sustainability report

“Sustainability at Alcan is evolving as we refine our goals and establish metrics to effectively measure the impacts of our actions. Developing standardized and meaningful performance metrics remains a challenge, but we are making steady progress in concert with both industry partners and non-governmental organizations (NGOs). Part of the evolution is the growing recognition by employees of the tangible and broader value-creation that results from implementing a sustainable approach in all our businesses. Our efforts in this regard are laying the groundwork for further progress by embedding sustainability criteria directly into our decision-making processes. This has allowed sustainability to be increasingly seen as an integral part of value creation, whether in operational efficiency, customer satisfaction, employee well-being, ongoing community support or investor confidence.”

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BP (oil & energy, United Kingdom)

Message from Tony Hayward, Group Chief Executive Officer, introducing BP’s 2006 sustainability report.

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Woolworths (Retail/ Entertainment, United Kingdom)

Message from Trevor Bish-Jones, Group Chief Executive Officer, introducing Woolworth’s 2007 CSR report

“At Woolworths Group plc we aim to ensure that CSR is at the top of our agenda. Through our CSR Committee, we are constantly reviewing and considering issues to meet all our legal obligations on this front. But we recognise that being a socially responsible company is not only a question of legal compliance. It means integrating socially responsible behaviour into our core values and into all our business operations, from sourcing our products to serving our customers.”

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South African Breweries Miller (brewery, South Africa)

Statement by Graham Mackay, Chief-Executive director ’s review, introducing the SAB Miller’s Sustainable Development Report 2006 (page 6)

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Standard Chartered (financial services, United Kingdom)

Extract of the Statement by the Chairman, Mervin Davies, introducing the company’s sustainability review 2006

“The pace of change the world is experiencing will create major social and environmental challenges. These changes will pose risks, but also significant opportunity. Business, governments and regulators will increasingly need to work together to manage these challenges and we are ideally placed to be the right partner. Through the development of innovative products and services, we can lead by example to build a sustainable business that sets us apart from our competitors.”

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Unilever (consumer products, United Kindgom/Netherlands)

Extract of the Statement by the Chairman, Antony Burgmans, introducing the Sustainable development report 2006

“A commitment to sustainable development and responsible business practice is embedded in our mission and principles. In practice this means understanding the impact we have as a business on society, not only in how we run our own operations, but also in sourcing our raw materials and, crucially, through our brands”

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