Step 2 Examples: State company purpose and agree on values

Responsible business conduct is built upon the values and goals of the company itself, as well as on legal requirements and stakeholder expectations. Business principles commonly include a statement of mission, values and operating principles. All companies should consider articulating their core values (e.g. honesty, respect for people etc.) as an underpinning for their own principles.

Alcan (aluminium and specialty packaging, Canada)

“At Alcan, we share common values of integrity, accountability and trust, transparency, and teamwork that will guide us in our dealings with customers, suppliers, and other stakeholders. We will also achieve our full potential by being: value and customer-driven; results-oriented; proactive; innovative and open-minded. Our commitment to environmental, health and safety care is non-negotiable.”

From Alcan’s website
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Grupo Comex (paints, Mexico), our mission and philosophy

“Comex philosophy is based on the support to our personnel, driving a nonstop improvement in all our operations to offer better products and prices to the market in order to obtain excellent profits and a healthy financial situation; thus, we can overcome problematic situations and contribute to the society’s benefit and the growth of the Nation.
Therefore, our commitment is:
- Towards the consumers, offering them more benefits with high quality products and services at the best price on a more permanent basis.
- Towards the distributors, promoting their development for them to obtain a better yield from their investment.
- Towards the personnel, respecting their human dignity by backing up their self-development at work, giving them security and a fair compensation.
Towards the community, contributing to its development by protecting natural resources and backing up projects of social benefit”.

From Grupo Comex’s website

Procter & Gamble (domestic products, United States), statement of purpose

“P&G is committed to ensuring that consumers trust our products for their superior performance, quality and safety. All employees associated with the safety assessment of our products have a responsibility to see that the design, execution and interpretation of research meets the highest professional and scientific standards so that the Company and the consumer are assured of the best possible safety judgments. Consumer health, safety and well-being are of utmost concern to us.”
From “P&G Values and Code of Conduct”

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Statoil (oil & gas, Norway) – values and ethics

“On the basis of a clear set of values, we will work profitably and safely while also taking account of the environment and showing social responsibility.
This forms the core of our commitment to sustainable development.
The core of the sustainable development concept is the principle that this generation has a responsibility to ensure that our descendants inherit the same opportunities we have enjoyed.
In Statoil, we are conscious of our obligation to behave as a responsible member of society. Our commercial involvement rests on this responsibility, which ranges widely – from issues relating to the link between greenhouse gas emissions and global warming to practical measures for qualifying local companies to compete over contracts we award.”

From Statoil’s website

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