Step 5 Examples: Establish implementation procedures and management systems

The examples of Step 5 can be divided into the following categories


Certification of implementation procedures through internationally recognized management standards

Vodafone (Telecommunications, UK)

"Our approach to CR management and reporting is to focus on the most important issues. It is aligned with the principles of the AA1000 Assurance Standard: completeness, materiality and responsiveness."

Vodafone on Assurance Standard AA1000

ITV plc (Media, UK)

"Based on the approach above we have provided comments against each of the three principles of assurance (as represented in the AA1000 Assurance Standard)"

Assurance Statement

Bank of Ireland (Banking sector, Ireland)

complying with the Irish Banker's Federation Code.

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Implementation programmes

Cemex (cement, Mexico), Implementation programmes

“At CEMEX, safety is an integral part of our company values. We promote safe behavior not just in the workplace and among our employees, but also in our employees’ families and homes, and in the surrounding communities.
The main components of our safety program include the Safety Manual, a Monitoring and Tracking Electronic System, the CEMEX Safety Award, and specific programs implemented in each country where we operate.
The monitoring and tracking system, for example, incorporates a database system called SISTER (System of Indicators of Safety in Effective and Real Time). It was developed by CEMEX and is unique in the cement industry, providing indicators and relevant safety facts online from every CEMEX plant. With this information, every director and manager can see what is happening in other CEMEX facilities, and can identify ways to implement preventive measures in their own plants. By making well-informed decisions quickly, they help improve safety in every sector of the company.”

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Internal CR promotion/ awareness raising

Vodafone (Telecommunications, UK), internal CR communication plan

"The Group Executive Committee (ExCo) is responsible for our sustainability performance and receives a formal update on sustainability each year. A report is also made annually to the Vodafone Group Plc Board. The Group Chief Executive has ultimate accountability for our sustainability performance. The Group Sustainability Director reports to the Group Director External Affairs (an ExCo member) and heads a team of experts who provide guidance and coordination to our managers and issue owners who implement sustainability initiatives."

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Kansai Electric Power Group (Energy, Japan), CSR awareness spreading among employees

“In order to promote corporate social responsibility, we are appointing and training CSR promotion leaders. During these training sessions, we not only transmit knowledge through lectures, we also use case studies to encourage the participants to think for themselves and discuss the issues in order to cultivate their awareness. Then, based on what they learned in the training these leaders individually conduct awareness-raising efforts at their own workplaces.”
Tools for Spreading CSR Awareness among employees:

  • Conduct Cards (small portable cards are inscribed with the Kansai Electric Power Group management vision and CSR action standards. The back has a place for individuals to write their own action goals, so employees can use it to check their actions and purposes in their daily work duties.
  • Inclusion of CSR explanations in our in-house newspaper and on our in-house portal site, etc.

Telenor (Telecommunications, Croatia), Ethical E-learning program

Telenor has developed an ethical e-learning program which has been implemented at the majority of our companies, among approximately 15,000 employees, with more to come.

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Commerzank (Finance, Germany)

"As one of Germany’s largest financial institutions, Commerzbank takes its corporate responsibility very seriously and is a champion of sustainable business, both within and outside its own organisation. The Bank has again achieved measurable progress in this area in the reporting period."

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NTT Communications (Telecommunication, Japan), Awareness raising among employees

"The NTT Communications Group respects employee diversity and provides workplaces that champion self-fulfillment based on our Basic CSR Policy. We maintain high ethical standards in meeting our social responsibilities as a telecommunications professional that offers services around the world."

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Petrobras (oil, Brazil), occupational health information programs

"The Corporate Health, Safety and Environment (HSE) Policy and Guidelines conduct the projects and initiatives developed by Petrobras. To ensure continuous improvement in our performance, our HSE objectives and goals are reviewed periodically. Likewise, we constantly evaluate the possible impacts of our activities and identify the risks to the workforce and surrounding communities, consumers and society in general, working to minimize them and prevent accidents.

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Management Primers

Shell (oil & energy, The Netherlands/ UK)

Click here to read Shell’s “management primers”, which provide guidance for Shell managers and staff on how to apply Shell General Business Principles. These primers cover a wide range of issues including human rights, corruption, child labour and sustainable development.

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