Step 9 Examples: Set pragmatic and realistic goals

Examples of CR Committees established by companies:

Woolworth (Retail, United Kingdom) CR Committee

The Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR) Committee monitors and drives our commitment to CSR throughout our business. It is chaired by the Group Company Secretary and has representatives from all our operating companies. Its purpose is to:

  • provide a forum to discuss CSR issues and establish its guiding principles;
  • establish the Group’s key CSR agenda and communication plan;
  • assess the CSR risks and opportunities in the business;
  • set and measure CSR improvement initiatives as the need arises;
  • bring the various elements of the business together to discuss CSR;
  • report at least annually on CSR

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NTT Communications (Telecommunication, Japan)

“The NTT Communications Group has established the CSR Committee in order to promote CSR initiatives. The Committee aims to establish a structure to implement management initiatives from economic, environmental, and social perspectives. We maintain the Social Contribution Sub-committee and the Global Environmental Protection Sub-committee under the CSR Committee.The CSR Committee met twice in fiscal 2009, with representatives of 22 Group companies attending. The Committee issued CSR and activity reports and resolved on fiscal 2009 activities after discussing issues that it should address.The Committee will continue working to foster the NTT Communications Group's CSR initiatives and awareness.”

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Coca Cola (Beverages/ USA)

Corporate responsibility is managed through our Public Policy and Corporate Reputation Council. This council is responsible for vetting corporate responsibility strategy and issues. The Public Issues and Diversity Review Committee of the Board of Directors is responsible for addressing significant issues of concern to our external stakeholders and receives regular reports on issues of corporate responsibility
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