Web-based commentary on ICC 9 steps to responsible business conduct

Corporate responsibility (CR) is gaining an increasing significance for businesses worldwide. This creates a need for companies, of any size, to develop an approach to CR that suits their specific needs and business circumstances.

To assist businesses through the process of developing their own CR codes and practices, ICC has developed 9 practical steps, “ICC 9 Steps to Responsible Business Conduct”, that are addressed to companies of all sizes including small and medium sized companies (SMEs).
This website provides an interactive environment to easily access the ICC 9 steps online. It further provides additional commentary and examples to each step.

ICC’s 9 steps

The ICC 9 steps are intended to cover the main elements that companies should consider when forming their own approach to corporate responsibility.
The commentary provides additional explanation and practical business examples.

Step 1: Confirm CEO/board commitment to give priority to responsible business conduct

Step 2: State company purpose and agree on values

Step 3: Identify key stakeholders

Step 4: Define business principles and policies

Step 5: Establish implementation procedures and management systems

Step 6: Benchmark against selected external codes and standards

Step 7: Set up internal monitoring

Step 8: Use language that everyone can understand

Step 9: Set pragmatic and realistic objectives