Institute of World Business Law

Since 1979, the ICC Institute of World Business Law has been drawing together the finest legal minds to strengthen links between international business practitioners and the legal profession.

Chaired by Yves Derains, former Secretary General of the ICC International Court of Arbitration, and composed of a council of renowned arbitrators and experts in international law, the mission of the Institute is to foster wider knowledge and the development of the law and practices of international business.

In line with its philosophy of excellence, the Institute proposes trainings, conferences and publications on a range of topics related to international business law. It also acts as a think tank, working closely with the ICC Court of Arbitration and ICC policy commissions.

The Institute's intensive training courses on international commercial arbitration (known as PIDA seminars) and international contracts are unique and cover an array of topics through the study of mock cases. Participation is limited to ensure an interactive forum for learning and exchanging ideas and experience.

The Institute's Annual Meeting is the occasion for legal experts to deliberate a topical issue. The resulting doctrine is compiled in an annual publication in the Dossiers of the Institute series.

The Institute organizes the bi-annual Institute Prize, to encourage those engaged in focused research on legal issues affecting international business. Contributing to the understanding and progress of international commercial law around the world, the Prize recognizes legal writing excellence in the field of international commercial law including arbitration.

ICC Institute PIDA Training Level 2 on International Commercial Arbitration

ICC Institute Prize - 2015 edition

ICC Institute Training on International Contracts Level 1&2