Customs and Trade Regulations

Committee members comprise customs policy specialists from ICC member companies and business representative organizations.

About the commission

The liberalization of world trade and investment has drawn attention to practical obstacles to the free flow of goods, services and investment across borders - in particular those related to customs policies and procedures.

The central objective of the Committee on Customs and Trade Regulations is to overcome these barriers, to ensure that the liberalization of global trade and investment has a positive impact at the level of the individual international trade transaction.

The Committee's work focuses on customs reform and modernization and the implementation of transparent, simplified and harmonized customs policies and procedures.


To encourage the reduction of barriers to cross-border trade which involve customs
policies and procedures.

The Committee examines major policy issues of interest to world business. It has over 120
members and meets twice a year. Each national committee (NC) or group may appoint
delegates to represent it at meetings. Officers of the Committee are appointed by the
Chairman and Secretary General in consultation with NC’s.

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