Commission on Environment and Energy

The Commission on Environment and Energy makes recommendations for business on significant regulatory and market issues concerning energy and environment.

About the commission

It acts as a voice for global business, representing the interests of ICC members in global dialogues related to these issues.

Since the Rio Earth Summit in 1992, the need for sustainable use of resources and respect for the environment has become increasingly apparent.

The commission helps ICC act as business's primary interlocutor and partner in key intergovernmental negotiations and dialogue, including at the United Nations Framework Convention on Climate Change, the UN Commission on Sustainable Development, and the UN Environment Programme.

International representation

Global in every sense, the Commission on Environment and Energy comprises 350 members who represent multinational corporations, industry associations, as well as the ICC national committees that federate ICC members in their countries.

Usually meeting twice a year, members set the commission's agenda, and determine its priorities.

Task forces and business actions for key challenges

In order to better focus on specific issues and provide content, the commission has established business action coalitions, such as BASD 2012 and task forces, e.g. on "green economy".