Commercial Law and Practice

Through its Commission on Commercial Law and Practice and several tasks forces and working groups, ICC leads rule-making in specific issues and tools relating to global business and trade.

Active Task Forces and Working Groups

Each task force and working group under the auspices of the Commission on Commercial Law and Practice brings together experts from around the world, who meet regularly to discuss and draft solutions to the relevant problems encountered when conducting business internationally.

The Commission on Commercial Law and Practice currently has several active task forces and working groups, including:

Task Force on European Contract Law
Task Force on Public Procurement
Task Force on Jurisdiction and Applicable Law
Task Force on Constorium and Joint Venture
Working Group on Distribution and Agency
Working Group on Retention of Title
Working Group on Incoterms ® 2010 and Transport

Business Advocacy

The Commission on Commercial Law and Practice also works alongside important international policy-making bodies, advocating on behalf of business, for more harmony to govern international commercial transactions.

The areas of work and work partners include:

Hague Conference on Private International Law
European Union
Class Action Lawsuits

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