Cyber Security

With information as the currency of the digital economy, the security of our systems and networks has never been more important.

Cyber security is one of the most pressing issues of the digital economy with reports of malicious actors breaching enterprises large and small. Enterprises are now exposed to a growing source of risk as criminal actors, hackers, state actors and competitors grow increasingly sophisticated in taking advantage of weaknesses in modern information and communications technologies. The combination of information systems with various external devices increases the level of complexity and threats to enterprise information systems. Enterprises not only face external threats but must also manage the risks of internal threats to their information systems, with persons within the organization able to corrupt data or take advantage of enterprise resources from the comfort of their residence or the local coffee shop.

From a business perspective, it is vital that a company - large or small - be able to identify their cyber security risk and effectively manage threats to their information systems. At the same time, all business managers including executives and directors must recognize that cyber risk management is an on-going process where no absolute security is, or will be, available. ICC works to improve network and information security for businesses and other users by raising awareness and providing practical tools that make security a higher priority for all. It ensures that legislation and policy approaches related to information security and fighting cyber threats reflect business processes and needs, and produces practical tools to help companies better implement IT security in their operations

ICC's recent accomplishments in the area of Cyber Security:

  • The Task Force prepared the ' ICC Cyber security guide for business ', a straightforward practical guide to help business management of small and large organizations interact with their information technology managers and guide in the development of cyber security risk management practices.
  • ICC is a founding partner of the Global Forum on Cyber Expertise, a pragmatic, action-oriented and flexible forum and a dedicated, informal platform for policymakers, practitioners and experts from different countries and regions to strengthen cyber capacity and expertise globally.

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