Cyber Security

From a business perspective, it is vital that a company - large or small - be able to identify their cyber security risk and effectively manage threats to their information systems. At the same time, all business managers including executives and directors must recognize that cyber risk management is an on-going process where no absolute security is, or will be, available. ICC works to improve network and information security for businesses and other users by raising awareness and providing practical tools that make security a higher priority for all.

Our key messages:

• Improving an organization's cyber security is possible through a risk management process - with an emphasis on management

• Leadership is necessary to take action and ensure information security best practices are employed by enterprises

• Multistakeholder partnerships are crucial for cyber security success

Our global reach

Organizations and forums where ICC Commission on the Digital Economy actively shares business recommendations and experience include:

Global Forum on Cyber Expertise ICC is a founding partner of the Global Forum on Cyber Expertise, a pragmatic, action-oriented and flexible forum and a dedicated, informal platform for policymakers, practitioners and experts from different countries and regions to strengthen cyber capacity and expertise globally.

Organisation for Economic Cooperation and Development ICC Commission on the digital economy works with the OECD and other intergovernmental organizations to share business recommendations and experiences on cyber security risks and management

Practical tools

ICC Cyber security guide for business offers businesses a simple process for raising awareness for online security. It is designed to be a conversation starter between information technology specialists and company management in order to guide enterprises of all sizes and sectors on their way to address cyber security challenges and to engage the companies in their supply chains to also tackle these issues.

Access ICC Cyber security guide here in multiple languages

ICC global digital appendix of cyber security resources was created as an evolving digital appendix of resources that serves as a living database and provides localized advice from standards of practice to technical standards. Universal references and frameworks are catalogued under 'Global resources', and then by country to ensure that the resource serves both, as a globally relevant tool, and a locally adaptable one.

Access ICC global digital appendix of cyber security resources here

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