ICC promotes an international tax system that eliminates tax obstacles to cross-border trade and investment. Its tax policy is formulated by its Commission on Taxation, which promotes transparent and non-discriminatory treatment of foreign investment and earnings that eliminates tax obstacles to cross-border trade and investment.

Areas of work

Projects for 2016:

  • Monitor implementation of the G20/OECD Base Erosion and Profit Shifting Project (BEPS) outcomes and provide further views into G20/OECD follow-up deliberations -- including on the BEPS multilateral instrument to modify bilateral tax treaties.
  • Contribute - in cooperation with the ICC Commission on Arbitration and ADR - to UN and OECD deliberations on effective tax dispute resolution mechanism
  • Lead global business input into the work of the UN Committee of Experts in Tax Matters and its sub-committees - including on dispute resolution, royalties and the taxation of technical services
  • Develop principles on responsible taxation for companies and tax administrations alike that could provide guidance for a company's policy/code of conduct.
  • Promote ICC recommendations on transfer pricing in relevant intergovernmental policy processes, including the OECD, the WCO, the UN and the G20, and explore a possible ICC position on substance requirements for transfer pricing.
  • Continue to provide business input on indirect taxation from a global business perspective, including VAT-related issues.

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