How Carnets work

The ATA Carnet system is a perfect illustration of how close cooperation between business and customs can facilitate and stimulate international trade.

The World Customs Organization (WCO) administers the international customs conventions under which the ATA Carnet system operates.

The ICC World Chambers Federation (WCF) administers the ATA system and its international guarantee chain.

In every country in the ATA Chain, a guaranteeing organization , approved by its Customs and the ICC World Chambers Federation, administers the operation of the ATA Carnet System.

The role of a national guaranteeing organization is to guarantee to its Customs administration the payment of duties and taxes due when ATA Carnets have been misused on its territory (non or late re-exportation of goods, for instance). The national guaranteeing organization can also, with the prior consent of its Customs administration, authorize local chambers to deliver ATA Carnets on its behalf. In major trading nations, dozens of local chambers have that authority.

Within ICC WCF, a World ATA Carnet Council gathers the national guaranteeing organizations from the 76 countries where the ATA Carnet is in force today.

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ATA Carnets