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Policy development on a global scale is a challenge, requiring dexterity and experience to aggregate myriad views on complicated international policy issues.

Why ICC? A legacy in working with the G20

ICC at the White House 1990

Since the Houston G8 Summit in 1990, ICC’s Chairman has traditionally met with the Head of State currently chairing the G8 a few weeks prior to the Summit. The purpose is to provide an opportunity for ICC, in its unique role as the voice of global business, to present to the Summit host ICC views on topical policy issues of key importance to world business with the intention of influencing the agenda and discussion at the Summit. These views have usually been encapsulated in a brief policy statement which ICC also communicates to key ministers and officials in other G8 governments.

Victor Fung and Gordon Brown 2009

As the G20 has risen in prominence, this tradition has been carried forward -- and ICC Chairman Victor K. Fung was received by (then) British Prime Minister Gordon Brown prior to the 2009 G20 Summit in London. Chairman Fung conveyed a list of business priorities for G20 deliberations, and the Prime Minister urged ICC to take the ‘pole position’ as the voice of global business and to communicate its key messages to political leaders and the public in the lead-up to the Summit.

In 2008, ICC contributed to the Summit in Washington by submitting to G20 governments, in conjunction with WTO, an analysis of the impact of the global economic crisis on trade finance, based on a survey of its member banks. In addition, ICC mounted a campaign to deliver its key messages to government leaders and the public through its global network and the media, including the Financial Times, IHT, CNN and BBC.

History of ICC meetings with G8 host Prime Ministers

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