Cannes G20 Business Summit

On 3 and 4 Nov. 2011, 20 members from the ICC G20 CEO Advisory Group submitted policy recommendations at the B20 Summit in Cannes, hosted by French President Nicholas Sarkozy. Key participants included: CEOs and chairmen from ICC's G20 CEO Advisory Group, Heads of State, MEDEF, and the World Economic Forum (WEF). Alongside the Summit, ICC participated in a host of B20 media events.

ICC engagement in the Cannes Business Summit

Welcome to the Cannes B20 Summit The International Chamber of Commerce (ICC), along with its partners including MEDEF (French business confederation) and the World Economic Forum (WEF), played a leading role at the Cannes B20 Summit – emphasizing business priorities at the presidential level, leading dialogue with G20 heads of government, driving production of policy contributions, particularly in the areas of finance, trade and small and medium enterprises, and amplifying business messages to world media.

ICC policy recommendations

Gerard Worms, ICC Chairman - First from right B20 CEOs, including the 20 members of ICC’s G20 Advisory Group, presented policy recommendations to G20 heads of state participating in the business summit. The policy recommendations were the product of a collaboration between the B20 working groups and those of the WEF and ICC. The priorities shared with G20 leaders covered subjects including: trade and investment, financial regulation, commodities and raw materials, food security and global economic policy imperatives.
Harold McGraw III, ICC Vice-Chairman, first from left
The B20 Summit proceedings commenced with a briefing for participating CEOs hosted by French President Nicolas Sarkozy at the Elysées Palace in Paris. The presence of Mr Sarkozy provided business leaders with the opportunity communicate priorities directly to the G20 host President. ICC’s contribution to the policy messages were derived from an initial set of papers that were developed through a global drafting and vetting process – including input from ICC’s global membership of policy experts, ICC’s national committees worldwide, and feedback from our regional policy consultations.

B20 Roundtables

Among the G20 leaders participating in the B20 Summit were Julia Gillard, Prime Minister of Australia, Myung-Bak Lee, President of Korea, Yoshihiko Noda, Prime Minister of Japan, Jacob Zuma, President of South Africa, Cristina Fernández de Kirchner, President of Argentina, Recep Tayyip Erdogan, Prime Minister of Turkey, and Dimitri Medvedev, President of the Russian Federation.

The B20 featured a keynote address from Mexican President Felipe Calderón, who emphasized the importance of B20 Summits for the G20’s work. He also committed to continue the process next year, with a B20 Summit back-to-back with the G20 in Los Cabos.

ICC G20 CEO Advisory Group

Participating representatives from ICC's G20 CEO Advisory Group included: Cesar Alierta Izuel, Executive Chairman, Telefonica; Antonio Brufau, Chairman & CEO, Andreas Koopman, Vice Chairman of Nestle, Eduardo Eurnekian, Chairman and CEO, Corporacion America; Victor K Fung, Chairman, Li & Fung; Kris Gopalakrishnan, CEO & Managing Director, Infosys Technologies; Rifat Hisarcıklıoglu, Chairman, Eskihisar Group; Sheikh Al-Thani Khalifa, Director, Doha Insurance; Seung Youn Kim, CEO, Hanwha; Young Tae Kim, Chairman, Daesung; Harold McGraw III, Chairman and CEO, McGraw Hill Companies; Gerard Mestrallet, CEO, GDF Suez; Yogendra Kr. (YK) Modi, Chairman & CEO, Great Eastern Energy; Steen Riisgaard, CEO, Novozymes; Martin Senn, CEO of Zurich Financial; Jean-Pascal Tricoire, President & CEO, Schneider Electric; Peter Voser, CEO, Royal Dutch Shell; and Marcus Wallenberg, Chairman and CEO, SEB, and Gerard Worms, Vice Chairman of Rothschild Europe.

ICC's G20 CEO Advisory Group

Awareness raising and media

ICC G20 CEO Advisory Group meets with the media at B20 Cannes

ICC’s G20 CEO Advisory Group spoke to the world media on a variety of key topics, including trade, finance, investment, economic growth and need for G20 to lead the creati on of new jobs. ICC issued press releases to world media – before, during and after the Summit:

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Press releases

ICC Chairman Gerard Worms speaks at the B20 Summit in Cannes

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