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In addition to the set of issue-specific recommendations developed for the ICC World Trade Agenda Initiative, ICC also produces associated reports that support these recommendations and strengthen business messages to World Trade Organization members and governments.

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  • Investment, including foreign direct investment (FDI), plays an important role in determining a country's economic prospects. ICC strongly supports FDI as an effective tool to foster economic growth and sustainable development, and calls on governments to both maintain and strengthen investment protection and promotion agreements. In the short and medium term, this can be done through high-standard bilateral and regional investment agreements, and in the longer term, through an equally high-standard multilateral framework on investment. Investment agreements should continue to include strong dispute resolution provisions, through investor-state dispute settlement (ISDS) with independent proceedings to settle investment disputes.

  • Multilateralism is the optimal approach to promote trade and investment liberalization around the world. With the rise of global value chains, barriers among third countries upstream or downstream to trade have begun to matter just as much as barriers between direct trading partners. Instead of creating a multitude of country specific solutions, barriers to trade between countries are ideally addressed in a single, global set of rules.

    This policy statement outlines ICC's position on the relation between multilateral and regional trade liberalization and urges governments around the world to consider how to "multilateralize" - elements of regional and preferential trade agreements.

  • application/pdf ICCs OPEN MARKETS INDEX 3RD EDITION 2015 [0M]

    The International Chamber of Commerce's (ICC) Open Markets Index (OMI) is published with the aim of presenting a balanced and reliable measurement of a country's openness to trade. We hope that the OMI will act as a useful guide to governments in implementing reforms to enable trade as a driver of sustainable growth and job creation.

  • application/pdf Peterson Institute Report: FROM DRIFT TO DEALS - Advancing the WTO Agenda [0M]

    The International Chamber of Commerce (ICC) has unveiled findings of a new report on the future of multilateral trade liberalization. The Peterson Institute Report "From Drift to Deals: Advancing the WTO Agenda", sets out a roadmap for a “grand bargain” to bring the long-stalled Doha Round of trade talks to a conclusion and restore the centrality of the World Trade Organization (WTO) as a forum for trade liberalization.

  • ICC World Trade Agenda Business Priorities

    These recommendations are at the heart of the ICC World Trade Agenda initiative and will be submitted to governments ahead of the next G20 Summit in Russia in September 2013 and the next WTO Ministerial Conference in Bali, Indonesia in December 2013.

  • Payoff from the World Trade Agenda 2013

    This report by the Peterson Institute, Washington, D.C, was commissioned by the ICC Research Foundation in order to quantify the potential benefits from the ICC World Trade Agenda Business recommendations.

  • Factsheet on the ICC World Trade Agenda initiative

    Summarizes the ICC World Trade Agenda Initiative background and mission.

Related documents

  • 2012 ICC Guidelines for International Investment

    These guidelines are useful for investors and governments alike, and create a more enabling environment for cross-border investment and in understanding more clearly their shared responsibilities and opportunities in fulfilling the vast potential of cross-border investment for shared global growth.

  • Open Markets Index

    A balanced and reliable measurement of a country's openness to trade, constituting a tool for policymakers and authorities to identify deficiencies that deserve greater attention, thereby generating a roadmap of sorts for action and improvement.

  • ICC G20 Scorecard1

    The Scorecard is a global business assessment of G20 commitments and directives conveyed in Summit Declarations since Washington 2008. Recognizing the G20 agenda's impact on global business, the Scorecard compares global business recommendations with G20 actions, providing guidance for action and improvement and a monitor of progress from Summit to Summit.

  • application/pdf Business Guide on WTO Trade Faciliation Agreement [0M]

    This guide for business, which has been produced by the International Trade Centre, describes what the Agreement on Trade Facilitation, at the core of the WTO Bali Package, means in terms of practical implications for business. How it will impact on the global economy in terms of jobs and opportunity; how it can speed up supply chains making it easier for developing countries to integrate into international trade; and how business can work in partnership with governments to best implement the obligations and specific commitments undertaken in the agreement.


Bali WTO Ministerial

ICC at the 9th WTO Ministerial Conference in Bali

Opening, ICC World Trade Agenda Summit, 22 April 2013

Opening Day, ICC World Trade Agenda Summit

Business and the WTO

Debate: Business and the WTO