Below are links to brochures about ICC's mission, ICC objectives for the year, and about our many specialized projects, products and services. We invite you to download and print any of these brochures.

ICC, the world business organization

Dispute Resolution Services

G20 Advisory Group

Business Action to Support the Information Society (BASIS)

Business Action to Stop Counterfeiting and Piracy (BASCAP)

  • Promoting the safeguard of intellectual property worldwide

Business Action for Responsible Marketing and Advertising (BARMA)

  • Facilitating the spread of self-regulation

Anti-Corruption and Corporate Responsibility


World Chambers Federation (WCF)

  • Overview of what the WCF is, chamber services, and trade services

Hearing Centre and Meeting Rooms

  • The only private facility in Paris dedicated to arbitration hearings and other forms of commercial dispute resolution

Training and Events

ICC Publications

ICC Business World Trade Agenda

Environment and Energy