• New mediation training book

    ICC has released a compilation of 21 of the best role-plays written for the ICC Mediation Competition on the occasion of the event’s 10th anniversary.

    2015 Bulletin - what's new?

    100 pages of awards per issue, greater focus on ICC procedures, procedural orders in every issue, expert commentaries on ICC practice including all ICC dispute resolution procedures.

    Application of Substantive Law

    Recently published, this book examines issues that can arise when international arbitrators apply the rules of a national legal system.

    ICC Antitrust Compliance Toolkit

    Practical tool for SMEs and larger companies

    International sale contract

    Just released - ICC's model international sale contract! Use it as a template for your international sales agreements.

    Dispute Resolution

    Working to resolve international disputes, our services are not only neutral and reliable but they help save time and money. Find out how ICC can help resolve disputes that arise when conducting business.

    ICC Store

    ICC’s one-stop-shop for essential business resources to keep pace with the latest developments in international business practice.

    Training and events

    From online instruction to large conferences, our highly topical trainings and events will help you keep pace with evolutions in the business and legal worlds.

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  • Anti-crime


    Fighting Commercial Crime

    ICC combats all types of crime affecting business, from piracy on the high seas and trade finance fraud to counterfeiting and cybercrime. Read more