Financial Investigation Bureau

The ICC Commercial Crime Services (CCS), is a specialized division of the International Chamber of Commerce, the world business organization.

Financial Investigation Bureau

As a specialized bureau within CCS, the Financial Investigation Bureau (FIB) conducts enquiries and investigations into matters associated with money laundering, fraud and suspect documents. Members of FIB include the following:

  • International Banks
  • Financial Institutions
  • National Financial Intelligence Units (FIU)
  • National Regulatory & Oversight Authorities
  • Law Enforcement Agencies

Through CCS, the FIB has bona fides status with the UK Home Office and with ICPO-INTERPOL, the international police organization.

FIB conducts a number of activities on behalf of its members and government agencies, including:

  • Financial Instrument & Document Analysis
  • Transaction Pattern & Trend Analysis
  • Due Diligence Research and Analysis
  • Comprehensive Background Checks
  • Specialized Sanctions & Embargo Checks
  • International Financial Crime & Fraud Investigations
  • Financial Tracking & Asset Recovery
  • Anti-money Laundering & Counter-terrorism Financing Activity
  • Litigation Support & Expert Witness Testimony/Evidence
  • Development of Prevention, Detection & Internal Security Policies, Measures & Procedures

Building on the foundation and expertise of CCS, the FIB accurately meets the needs of today’s financial institutions and government regulators.

FIB is a direct response to the globalization and increased sophistication of financial instrument crime used by organized criminal elements to commit money laundering, major fraud and terrorism financing.

FIB is structured to offer a prospective member complete flexibility according to their individual needs. For example a bank may require a specialized service in support of their due diligence operations while a government regulator, such as a Financial Intelligence Unit (FIU), may need the services of the FIB in another capacity.

For membership information please contact FIB, or complete an online application form.

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