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Used by banking professionals and trade finance experts worldwide, ICC Banking Commission Market Intelligence is the industry's most reputable and reliable source of guidance to bankers and practitioners in a broad range of fields. 

ICC Trade Register

ICC Trade Register

It was in 2009 that ICC created a Register database of trade finance transactions to demonstrate to regulators and policy makers the low-risk nature of lending and guarantees that support imports and exports. During its initial period, the Register contained data from 5.22 million trade transactions conducted around the world by nine leading international banks.

The Register’s early information showed that most of the US$2.5 trillion worth of trade deals were short-term in nature, averaging 115 days. The banks participating in the project reported only 1,140 defaults in these transactions.

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ICC Global Survey

ICC Global Survey 201 Cover

The ICC Global Surveys came into existence when the World Trade Organization (WTO) asked ICC to provide data for the G-20 meeting of world leaders at their first economic Summit, held in 2008.

From 2009, with contributions from its partners and under the direction of the Market Intelligence Working Group, the surveys have provided leaders with independent, accurate and in-depth analysis of trends in trade finance to keep them at the forefront of industry knowledge.

The surveys provide that intelligence.

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ICC-IMF Market Snapshot

ICC-IMF Market Snapshot

To determine the market outlook for 2012, ICC joined forces with the International Monetary Fund (IMF) to conduct a snapshot survey of trade finance conditions worldwide.

With input from 337 financial institutions the survey results give bankers, traders and government officials an accurate snapshot of the trends prevailing in markets today and to gauge future expectations for global trade.

The Market Snapshot questions focused on the impact of recent developments in Europe on trade finance, and the role of public sector measures

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