Competitions and awards

ICC stages and partners on a range of competitions and accolades that showcase excellence demonstrated in the chamber, business and legal worlds.

Mediation Week

ICC’s Mediation Week features two “must attend” annual events in international commercial mediation, the International Mediation Conference (“Conference”) and the International Commercial Mediation Competition (“Competition”). The Conference showcases first-rate speakers from large and sophisticated multinational companies who provide real-world insight on efficient dispute resolution and, in particular, settlement proceedings. The Competition, which is one of the most prestigious mediation moots around the world, attracts teams from renowned law and business schools as well as many of the world’s leading mediators.

World Chambers Competition

Recognizing the most innovativeprojects recently undertaken by local, regional and national chambers of commerce from around the world.

Institute of World Business Law Prize

Contributes towards the understanding and progress of international commercial law around the world and to encourage those engaged in focused research on legal issues affecting international business.

World Business and Develoment Awards

The first global business awards to recognize the crucial role of the private sector, large and small, in implementing the millennium goals. The spirit of the Awards lies in the pursuit of innovative and productive core business practices to sustainable development which help make the societies where they operate better places to live and better places to work.

Business for Peace Awards

ICC is an official supporting partner in the Oslo Business for Peace Award programme, which aims to accelerate the development of ethical business practices through increasing awareness of the strengths of the ethical business case. The vision is to inspire and encourage business people to foster peace and stability to the benefit of humanity.


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