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"As a first-time university competitor, we were amazed at the quality of the schools, mediators, judges, and mediation sessions at the competition. Every school should look into applying to this first-class competition, as it will be an experience you will never forget." Alexander K. McVeagh, USA, student Vanderbilt University Law School.

Universities 2016

The 66 Universities which will be participating in the 12th ICC International Commercial Mediation Competition will be selected on a competitive basis starting from July 2016.

To see the list of participants of the 2016 Competition, please click here .

University Applications

The Competition is open to students currently enrolled at a university.

• The role of the Counsel must be taken by a law student, whereas the role of the Client can be played by other students. Accordingly, at least one student in each team needs to be a law student . Business students are particularly encouraged to apply.
• Only one team per university will be admitted to participate in the Competition.
• In each mediation session two team members actively compete against two team members from another team. A team must consist of at least two and a maximum of four students.
• Each team can be accompanied by one or two coaches.
• Please note that pursuant to the Competition Rules, students who have already participated in the ICC Mediation Competition are prohibited to compete again.

We draw the applicants' special attention to the Competition Rules. Applicant and selected universities must make sure they meet all the requirements set by the Competition Rules . Please be mindful of the fact that by submitting an application to participate in the Competition you are indicating to the Organizing Committee that you read and understood the Competition Rules.

ICC will accept around 66 universities to participate in the 2017 Competition.

Each year, universities can apply online from July to early October , in two application periods to account for different school schedules around the world.

During each application period, the Organizing Committee accepts a maximum of 33 universities. In each application period 10 places are reserved for universities that have not yet participated in the Competition and 23 places are reserved for universities who have previously participated in the event. Should places for one category not be filled at the end of each application period, the remaining places will be offered to applicants from the other category. Universities that have not participated during the two last Competitions will be considered as not having previously participated in the Competition.

Applications for the 2017 Competition are not opened yet . Please visit this website regularly for updates.


    Competition Guide

    The registration fee per team is calculated according to the number of team members.

    Teams composed of:

    • two students pay € 500
    • three students pay € 650
    • four students pay € 800

    The first coach joins the team without additional charges whereas € 150 will be charged for the participation of a second coach.

    Full payment of the registration fee prior to the Competition is mandatory. Teams which do not proceed with the payment of the registration fee within the given timeframe will not be admitted to the Competition.
    ICC is regrettably not in a position to cover costs for travel and hotel accommodation. Therefore each team is responsible for its own expenses.

    Cancellation Policy

    The minimum team registration fee is not refundable. The fee for additional team members (students or coaches), for observers and for guests will be refunded if notice of cancellation is received in writing before 31 December 2016. Cancellations after this date are not refundable.
    Please note that we reserve the right to cancel this event. In the unlikely event of cancellation, paying participants will be offered a full refund of their registration fees. The ICC International Centre for ADR will not, however, be held responsible for any related expense incurred by the participant, such as (but not limited to) travel and accommodation costs.


    Application is in two steps: teams must apply online and then submit their ADR Curriculum by email, through a standard form provided by the organizing committee.


    2013 Volunteers

    Every year a group of international Volunteers supports the Organizing Committee. Volunteers participate in the Competition as Mediation Session Supervisors and help with a wide range of tasks during the event.

    Please note that unfortunately there will be no monetary compensation for Volunteers. Travel, accommodation and other expenses are to be covered by Volunteers themselves. During the Competition, all Volunteers will be invited to the social events and will be given the possibility - space permitting - to observe mediation sessions when they are not scheduled as Mediation Session Supervisor. However, Team members and coaches are given priority in case of limited space during the mediation sessions.

    Please apply by sending your application to by 6 November 2016 .

    The ICC Mediation Competition

    The ICC Mediation Competition

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