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The World Chambers Competition is the only global awards programme to recognize the most innovative projects undertaken by chambers of commerce and industry from around the world.

2015 Competition Results

Selection Process- Results final voting round

After presenting their projects live in Torino, all the finalists were recognized and applauded by the chamber and business community for their outstanding achievements.

On 12 June four chambers were announced as the winners of the 2015 World Chambers Competition:

  • Best advocacy project: Santiago Chamber of Commerce (Chile) - Electronic Registry of all suppliers to the Chilean state
  • Best job creation & business development project: Kocaeli Chamber of Industry (Turkey) - "Our village" Production Center Project for the Disabled
  • Best unconventional project: Calgary Chamber of Commerce (Canada) - Post-Flood Recovery and Business Continuity
  • Best Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR): Finland Chamber of Commerce (Finland) - Women Leaders Program

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Selection Process- Results first voting round

Sharing the challenge of selecting finalists for each category, the judging panel, led by WCF Honorary Rona Yircali, first announced the finalists of the 2015 World Chambers Competition.

Finalists for each of the four Competition categories were:

Best policy advocacy project

  • Australian Chamber of Commerce and Industry - Australia
    Project name: Small Business Too Big to Ignore
  • Santiago Chamber of Commerce - Chile
    Project name: The National register of suppliers to the Chilean state
  • Cork Chamber of Commerce - Ireland
    Project name: Cork's Connection to the World
  • Dublin Chamber of Commerce - Ireland
    Project name: Activating Dublin

Best unconventional project

  • Stavanger Chamber of Commerce - Norway
    Project name: The bike booster
  • Chamber of Commerce of Zaragoza - Spain
    Project name: Telephone interpretation in 33 languages - ASITEL
  • Calgary Chamber of Commerce - Canada
    Project name: Post-Flood Recovery & Business Continuity "Business Recovery Task Force"
  • Mandaue Chamber of Commerce and Industry - Philippines
    Project name: The search for women in needs now entrepreneurs and role models

Best job creation and business development project

  • Bogota Chamber of Commerce - Colombia
    Project name: Cluster Development Initiatives
  • Glasgow Chamber of Commerce - United Kingdom*
    Project name: Youth Employment Action Group "Workforce solutions"
  • The Kocaeli Chamber of Industry - Turkey *
    Project name: Our Village
  • Chamber of Commerce and Industry - Voka, Belgium
    Project name:" Bryo" Bright and young
  • Northern Territory Chamber of Commerce and Industry - Australia
    Project name: TEAMNT

*Tied finalists

Best Corporate Social Responsibility project

  • Chamber of Industry, Commerce, Services and Tourism of Santa Cruz (CAINCO) - Bolivia
    Project name: Managing e-waste
  • Finland Chamber of Commerce - Finland
    Project name: Women Leaders Programme
  • Burnaby Board of Trade - Canada
    Project name: The Pledge
  • Asharqia Chamber - Saudi Arabia
    Project name: Top CSR initiative - A road to distinction

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2015 Competition categories

Competition 2011 - Unconventional Project

79 projects were submitted by chambers in 39 countries breaking, a new record. The 2015 Competition categories were the following:

  • Best Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR) project
    This category seeks to reward those who have developed a project linking both business and their social responsibility actions to community, philanthropic, environment, workplace and marketplace activities. Such projects can include public-private partnerships and actions designed to advocate sustainable growth. Furthermore, they must underline the business advantages for CSR and ethical business practices as well as reinforce the chamber's mission of promoting best practices among companies and institutions.
  • Best job creation & business development project
    The chambers of commerce are a force for economic growth, job creation and prosperity. Candidates in this category have either developed a project that boosted growth opportunities for the chamber's member companies or contributed to job creation in its community, creating a long-term value for the business ecosystem and the society.
  • Best policy advocacy project
    Creating a sound environment and increase economic development and trade is at the heart of a chamber's mission. For more than 400 years, chambers of commerce have had an important role to play in shaping the entrepreneurial ecosystem through advocacy initiatives that seek to establish new policies or change and develop existing ones. Providing an essential leadership role for national and local debates on economic policy, chambers of commerce also strengthen their members' abilities to advance beneficial public policies that generate economic growth. Projects belonging to this category should include activities such as legislative support, lobbying, public education, capacity building, relationship building, cooperation or civic leadership development.
  • Best unconventional project
    This category seeks to reward those who have developed an exceptional project in an activity not typically associated with a chamber of commerce's mission and objectives. The project must be inspirational and innovative, while demonstrating that it fulfilled specific needs and objectives of the chamber and its SME member community, in terms of creating jobs and strengthening their local economies.

A unique opportunity

2013 Winners' circle

The Competition provides a unique opportunity for chambers to showcase originality and ingenuity, demonstrate determination to strengthen SMEs, improve services provided to members. Since its inception in 2003, the Competition has generated an array of case studies demonstrating entrepreneurial diversity and inspiring other chambers. Entries come not only from developed countries, but also from developing and least developed countries.

Chambers and the Competition

2013 World Chambers Competition winners

Chambers of all kinds – from bilateral, local, regional and national to public and private law – can enter the Competition.

Previous finalists and winners of this increasingly popular event have experienced a significant impact on their local and national profile, as well as on their influence, due to the recognition received for their participating projects.

"Winning a World Chambers Competition award brought us recognition from our partners at home and abroad. By setting the highest technical standards to qualify for the award, it has helped our chambers gain access to important actors in the public and private sectors alike. Every chamber looking to strengthen its entrepreneurship programmes should apply." Joseph Paul Dornelles Cairoli, President, The Confederation of Brazilian Commercial and Business Associations

2017 Competition in Sydney, Australia


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