ICC Colombia


Av. El Dorado, Calle 26 68, D-35
P.O. Box 29824
Bogotá, D.C.
Tel: +57 1 383 06 02
Fax: +57 1 263 79 85
Email: icc-colombia@ccb.org.co
Website: www.ccb.org.co


Secretary General

ICC COLOMBIA is an ICC national committee managed by the Bogota Chamber of Commerce.

Our National Committee conducts our functions through the following sub commissions: Banking Technique & Practice, Commercial law & Practice, Intellectual Property, Digital Economy. We follow ICC policies and alert our government and our entrepreneurs about international business concerns.

Sub Commissions are composed by different experts in several matters; that our national Committee invites according to the subject treated. The experts we invite do not charge us for their time or contributions, but they do not pay for a membership either. Our interest is that through our National Committee we could analyze current issues and provide real solutions to national entrepreneurs according to the ICC guidelines.

Regularly we do meetings, forums and seminars analyzing and discussing different subjects regarding the treated topics of each commission.

Entrepreneurs, experts, companies and business associations interested in joining, are invited to contact ICC Colombia.

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